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The Crown Estate

4D Monitoring joins forces with the Crown Estate to enhance the tenant environment, improve building efficiency and reduce energy spend.

The Crown Estate manages real estate business worth over £14billion across the UK, with a portfolio that consists of commercial offices, retail space and famous visitor attractions. Sustainability is integrated into every element of the commercial approach.

A data-led approach to tenant wellness
As part of this approach, the Crown Estate has partnered with 4D Monitoring to enhance tenant wellness by monitoring and improving the occupied environment. The 4D Monitoring environment profiling application has been deployed across three Regent Street sites to provide live air quality metrics, including room temperature and C02 levels. With this information, Facility Management teams are alerted immediately if there are air quality issues, so maintenance engineers can be called out to resolve the issues before tenants become aware.

Monitoring secondary air conditioning systems
With 4D monitoring’s environment profiling solution in place, site management stakeholders are alerted when secondary air conditioning systems – that are controlled by tenants within each demise – are left on outside of office hours. This enhanced visibility enables immediate identification of energy wastage and provides the data needed to proactively engage the responsible tenants.

You can read an environment profiling use case here

Improving asset run times and lifecycles
4D Monitoring is also monitoring the central plant across one newly refurbished, multi-let commercial site that provides 26,302 sq ft of office space over 6 floors. In this property, 4D Monitoring has immediately discovered problems with AHU and boiler runtimes, indicating these systems were not shutting down correctly outside of commercial hours. Simple adjustments to the BMS scheduler will significantly improve operational efficiency, reduce energy wastage and improve asset lifecycles.