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Client Testimonial – Mark Simpson BNP Paribas

I have used the 4D system for a number of years, it’s a low cost easy install IOT system that every modern FM should as part of their tool kit, providing critical information at your fingertips in real time 24/7 wherever you internet connection.

The system has been a valuable tool to which we use to monitor plant run times, ensuring these match our tenant’s occupation times.

Information provided by the system is very easy to access and understand, helping us to quickly identifying where we may have any unnecessary energy consumption.

We can also configure 4D to provide alarms where certain criteria are not met, these alarms can automatically be sent to engineering teams ensuring plant down times are kept to a minimum, as well as allowing us to proactively communicate with our occupiers when issues do arise.

Following the Covid Pandemic, several of our occupiers sought to seek confirmation that our buildings were safe, especially around the air quality issue. With the 4D monitoring tool and the use of indoor Air Quality Sensors, we can demonstrate this, in real time.  The system can also be used to generate IAQ reports, these have been invaluable.

Thermal Comfort is also a prime concern, especially in these times of increased energy costs. We use the Disruptive Technologies sensors to great effect to monitor various areas of the building, or where we may have a specific problem with the building HVAC.  The Disruptive Technologies sensors can be used to provide a far more granular level of detail to assist us in fault-finding.

4D are happy to pre-programme many of the sensors, to be installed by our FM or maintenance teams, helping keep costs down.