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Manage space more effectively

Introducing our revolutionary solution for remote desk occupancy and space utilization monitoring! Our cutting-edge technology enables you to track and analyze desk usage and space utilization on a floor plan in real-time, allowing for smarter resource allocation and cost savings.

With our software, you can easily monitor and analyze data on desk occupancy rates, meeting room utilization, and workspace efficiency. This information is accessible in our web portal from anywhere, at any time, including reporting that will provide you with insights that can help you optimize your office space.

Save on energy

When used in conjunction with temperature and plant monitoring you can keep track of where areas that are frequently not occupied are being serviced by expensive building HVAC systems and identify opportunities for better space utilisation, saving money on energy bills.

Cost effective, easy to install and maintenance free

Our solution is simple, easy to install and extremely cost-effective and doesn’t require any integration with your existing systems or building network. It’s also very low maintenance with battery powered sensors lasting up to 5 years before replacement

Typical Pricing

Upgrade an existing 4D package

  • Add occupancy monitoring from £95 per instance


  • Installation from £695,
  • Annual License and equipment usage £1340