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Save on expensive call outs, and improve relationships and sustainable behaviour

Room temperature is a common point of contention for those working in a commercial office environment. Facilities managers are often swarmed 24/7 with temperature complaints. In addition, ventilation equipment often runs around the clock without supervision and is unaligned with occupancy times.

Our solution allows facilities managers and their service partners the ability to remotely track the conditions within buildings, allowing them to reduce the number of unnecessary and expensive call outs.

As well as quickly identifying any issues and automatically raising alerts, the data can also be used to evidence where conditions are in fact ok, and smooth over relations with occupiers and employees

Reduce energy consumption

Used in conjunction with either our footfall monitoring or occupancy monitoring solution, you can identify times where energy is being used to maintain temperatures unnecessarily and make adjustments to reduce consumption

Cost effective and easy to install

Our solution can be retrofitted into any building very quickly, not relying on integration with your existing building networks or systems. They are also maintenance free, with no requirement for an engineer to visit and check they are still operational.

CAFM integration

Automatic alerts will be sent to stakeholders when issues are identified, but we can also automatically raise tickets within you CAFM system to ensure a more rapid response

Typical Pricing

Upgrade an existing 4D package

  • Add space temperature monitoring from £95 per instance


  • Installation from £595,
  • Annual License and equipment usage £1340