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Reduce energy spend and monitor critical plant

Our core building performance monitoring solution enables the optimisation of your buildings HVAC equipment to help reduce energy spend and meet your buildings sustainability targets

Quick, cost effective, maintenance free

Our low-cost, quick-install, smart building solution can be applied in any property, new or old, to ensure that the building is running in an efficient manner and alert you when changes need to be made to ensure that energy is not wasted

Most buildings over time will have been adjusted to run in a way that is prone to wasting energy, some new buildings are set up this way from the beginning. Our solution will ensure that your building plant and equipment are operating at their most effective and efficient which can reduce energy consumption by as much as 30%

“More than two-thirds of properties assessed by 4D had systems that were not running correctly, nor in line with occupancy times at properties”

Inefficient buildings can also be ineffective. Poor operation often leads to longer-term problems which can increase costs. Our solution will help identify these issues as well as ensure that conditions meet occupier, lease, and legal requirements

Improve visibility and drive more sustainable behaviour

Improving visibility and measuring performance allows us to manage the building better. Often a building will be adjusted in reaction to a period of extremely warm or cool weather and not be adjusted back, sometimes during maintenance settings can be reset or adjusted in a way that doesn’t meet your policies. Our solution will help train building stakeholders to adjust these behaviours and to act in a way that will help keep the building operating efficiently.

Automate to improve speed to resolution

Our system will issue an alert as soon as an issue is detected, and can even raise a work ticket in your chosen CAFM solution, to ensure immediate action is taken to resolve the issue. We also track each issue to ensure it is resolved and can report on how long it takes to resolve, to help improve the time to resolution in the future

Typical Pricing

Typical plantroom Installation £1300 – £2800

Annual License and equipment usage £1340