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Total visibility of property performance

4D Monitoring is the IOT solution that gives owners and property managers total visibility of operational performance across an estate. The platform retrieves asset data from multiple sites to provide regular performance reports, so you can see improvements over time and showcase savings made.

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An affordable, retrofit tool for easy rollout across multiple sites

4D Monitoring does not integrate with the Building Management System (BMS). Instead, it uses retrofit sensors to take performance insights directly from asset source rather than relying on BMS data. This means it is easier and less intrusive to install than market alternatives, and therefore more affordable to rollout across multiple sites.

Remaining siloed from the BMS also provides an additional level of security by preventing the risk of hacking – and means 4D Monitoring reports cannot be influenced by faulty BMS data, which is commonplace in legacy systems.

Puts intuitive performance data into the hands of those who need it

4D Monitoring has been designed so that anyone, regardless of technical M&E knowledge, can utilise the platform to deliver efficiencies and energy savings. The system is easy to use and provides intuitive data, exception reports and alarms that do the hard work, so site teams and service providers are supported to make quick, effective decisions.

By staying independent of the BMS, 4D Monitoring gives users the additional advantage of seeing real time asset usage. Regardless of BMS complexity, stakeholders will always know whether equipment is running in line with occupancy hours or within agreed operational parameters.

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Drive ongoing efficiencies

A core feature of 4D Monitoring is to provide an ongoing consultancy service to ensure efficiencies are continuously achieved.

4D Monitoring proactively reviews asset usage data and provides quarterly recommendations for further improvements. The 4D Monitoring team will then collaborate with contractors and site teams to ensure effective changes are made.

Demonstrate portfolio sustainability

To help attract investment and tenants, 4D Monitoring will support owners and managers to improve real estate environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials, and provides the data required for a competitive Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) score.

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Not just for the private sector

4D Monitoring is being successfully used to deliver energy savings across commercial multi-let properties, retail sites, financial institutions and more. But it isn’t just the private sector that can benefit. The platform’s price point makes it the ideal tool for the healthcare and educations sectors, where the pressure to reduce estate operational costs whilst improving the occupier experience is growing exponentially. Learn more

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