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Live and historical performance data

4D Monitoring uses retrofit sensor technology to take 24/7 readings of HVAC operation directly from the asset source, so you can access live and historical performance data remotely from anywhere, at any time. With these insights, you can login to check flow and return temperatures, ensure air conditioning systems are shutting down correctly, scroll back through time to identify when changes were made and so much more.

Data-led, proactive maintenance

With a live picture of asset performance, critical alarms and exception reports, 4D Monitoring’s IOT solution enables you to proactively identify maintenance requirements before serious issues arise or systems fail. For example, the system will alert you if water temperature drops below an agreed level, a boiler fails, or a filter needs replacing. This helps you to improve asset lifecycles, prevent unnecessary checks, and facilitates a move away from reactive maintenance to a more proactive, data-led approach which will benefit clients and occupiers alike.

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Demonstrate sustainability credentials

Across the commercial property sector, clients are demanding a more sustainable approach from service providers. 4D Monitoring gives you the data you need to demonstrate your energy credentials and attract new business.

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