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Get better insights

With 4D Monitoring’s IOT platform, you can get detailed operational insight beyond the knowledge that can be acquired through BMS analysis, condition report reviews and site visits.

By monitoring HVAC assets at source, 4D Monitoring retrieves live data that shows actual usage in real time. This is especially useful in older building stock controlled by legacy BMS, and where, historically, it has been difficult to identify faults that cause systems to operate out-of-line with the scheduler. The platform can also provide detailed insight into the performance of equipment that isn’t controlled centrally, as well as historical reports so you can quickly and easily analyse trends over time.

Total visibility of your clients’ sites

4D Monitoring’s live and historical asset performance data can be accessed remotely from anywhere, at any time. This means you no longer need to rely on snapshot site audits to build reports and have more support to deliver an enhanced service across multiple sites.

Animated iPad with different 4D monitoring screens

Validate your recommendations

Equipped with live and historical operational data provided by 4D Monitoring, you can easily demonstrate why recommendations have been made, and prove the efficacy of changes made as a result. This facilitates better client engagement and collaboration and can be used to generate further business.

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