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Aviator Park

Energy savings at Aviator Park

Aviator Park is a multi-tenanted commercial property that spans approximately 60,000 square feet over 3 floors. 4D Monitoring was invited by Lambert Smith Hampton (LSH) to track HVAC performance and provide recommendations for operational improvements.

Installation and initial findings
In April 2019, 4D Monitoring trained engineers from Aviator Park’s M&E maintenance provider, Reader Air, to install sensors within the central plant.

With sensors deployed and the building online, Reader Air engineers were able to identify a problem with the BMS that was causing boilers, chillers and AHU supply fans to operate 24/7. By adjusting run times, Reader Air were able to bring HVAC operation back into line with building occupancy hours.

Grant Reader, Director at Reader Air: “With the live performance data, our engineers were able to see the plant running over the weekend, which we might not have been aware of otherwise. This highlighted a fault with the BMS controls. Without 4D, this would have taken an engineer a lot longer to establish”.

With changes made, Aviator Park utility readings showed an average of 31% reduction in kWh spend over the first 3 months. This peaked at 41.70% reduction in July as compared to the previous year.

Collaboration with the M&E maintenance provider
Key to the speed of success seen at Aviator Park was the willingness of the maintenance provider to engage with 4D Monitoring and drive change on the ground. Engineers leveraged performance data immediately to diagnose the problem with the BMS and make operational adjustments.

A data-led, proactive maintenance approach
4D Monitoring enables a data-led maintenance approach by putting actionable insights into the hands of those who can make operational adjustments. For example, the platform will flag issues with critical assets – such as water temperatures rising above an agreed level – and send alerts to key stakeholders so a solution can be found quickly.

Grant Reader: “4D Monitoring allows us to get ahead of the game. We check the platform every day. From the management office to the engineer on the ground, our personnel are regularly looking at 4D Monitoring’s live data and reports. This means we can spot issues before our clients do, and get on the front foot to resolve them.

“The platform means we can send the correct engineer to respond to an issue because we can remotely pinpoint the cause. 4D Monitoring has also empowered us to take a more confident approach to reducing plant run times, which has meant we can fine tune the building and ensure it remains operationally efficient.”

The future at Aviator Park
As a result of this success, LSH are now considering 4D Monitoring’s tenant profiling solution to monitor the environment within occupied spaces. This will be used to inform future tenant wellbeing strategies.

To find out how 4D Monitoring could help your business or to arrange a demonstration, contact us today.