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Lower costs and create healthy buildings for a productive workforce

Our versatile solution can be used at a high level to analyze areas or units within a property, or it can be used at a device level, allowing you to thoroughly analyse the performance of single pieces of equipment

Data is tracked and stored in our web portal meaning you can access reporting from anywhere, whether this is using it to monitor the health and performance of a critical piece of equipment, or using it to apportion costs

Complete visibility of performance and consumption

In some cases, buildings are running expensive air handling plant at full capacity all day when they don’t need to flooding the building with colder air than then needs to be re-heated at great expense. Given lower occupancy in offices post covid, measuring air quality is a safer way to reduce the demand on HVAC whilst maintaining a safe and productive environment for occupants

Cost effective and easy to install

Traditional power monitoring solutions can be expensive and time consuming to fit, however our solution is self-powered and does not need to connect to any of your existing building systems which means that it can be installed quickly and at less expense.

Typical Pricing

Upgrade an existing 4D package

  • Add power monitoring from £161 per instance


  • Installation from £711
  • Annual License and equipment usage £1340