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Peace of mind and reduced time and expense

Our remote monitoring solution can remove the need for travel and labour to carry out temperature monitoring compliance checks. Our web portal can provide real-time visibility on water temperatures and where stagnation is active within pipework and alert you where issues are occurring that could lead to legionella risk.

Easy and efficient

Data can be accessed in our web portal alongside repoting tools that allow you to track trends and reduce the need for on site documentation. Our system will also create an alert as soon as an issue is detected, and can even raise a work ticket in your chosen CAFM solution, to ensure immediate action is taken to resolve the issue and to make managing the property easier and more efficient

Quick and cost effective

Our solution can be fit into any building and is independent from existing systems and networks, meaning it can be installed quickly and at a lower cost, and its virtually maintenance free

Typical Pricing

Upgrade an existing 4D package

  • Add power monitoring from £127 per instance


  • Installation from £617
  • Annual License and equipment usage £240