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Peace of mind

Our flood detection system can give you peace of mind from a potentially disastrous and costly incident. Floods can cause building damage, operational disruption, down-time, and length insurance claims.

Our solution can detect leaks early and automatically raise an alert via email or your chosen CAFM system to ensure a faster response.

Our solution has been fitted under tenant installed kitchens and bathrooms, cold water tank rooms, sprinkler tank rooms, and in basement pumping and high voltage rooms.

Cost effective, easy to install and maintenance free

Our solution can be fitted independently of your buildings systems into any location and work fully remotely, reducing the time and the cost compared to traditional installations. Also, unlike traditional leak detectors they do not require regular visits to ensure they are still operating correctly, further reducing the cost.

Typical Pricing

Upgrade an existing 4D package:

  • Add leak detection from £100 per instance


  • Installation from £695,
  • Annual License and equipment usage £195