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I have a BMS, why do I need 4D Monitoring?

With 4D Monitoring, it is no longer necessary to have a technical understanding of complex, legacy BMS or HVAC functions in order to identify energy saving opportunities. Instead, the platform will proactively tell you when an asset isn’t shutting down correctly, or if equipment starts to operate outside of predetermined parameters – for example, if water temperature rises above an agreed level.

This means you don’t have to rely on a BMS consultant to interrogate performance data, wait for planned maintenance visits to highlight inefficiencies, or for an occupier to raise a complaint.

Plant room with temperature alerts
Office air conditioning unit with alarm warning

Identify saving opportunities, easily

4D Monitoring gives you vastly improved insight into your site’s performance. With intuitive asset performance data at your fingertips and proactive alerts that tell you when something goes wrong, it is easier than ever before to deliver energy savings and turn your building into a smart, sustainable one.

And with 4D Monitoring’s reporting tools, you can prove the efficacy of your decision-making.

Improve occupier comfort and reduce complaint calls

4D Monitoring can provide immediate visibility of the environment within occupied spaces, so you always know what the conditions are on the ground.

Room temperature, for example, is a common point of contention for office-based workers. Site management teams handle frequent requests to adjust temperatures, often managing conflicting information from multiple sources. With 4D Monitoring’s live temperature readings, you now have the data to prove actual conditions, helping to resolve disputes and prevent unnecessary maintenance call outs.

Monitor with floorpan of a room showing animated temperatures

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