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Shaftesbury Group

4D Monitoring works with Shaftesbury Group to improve property sustainability and tenant comfort.

Shaftesbury Group is a real estate investment trust that is responsible for a portfolio comprising over 500 properties in London’s West End. 4D Monitoring has been installed across Shaftesbury Group’s head office in Soho to monitor room temperatures, air quality and power consumption.

Using 4D Monitoring, Shaftesbury Group’s aims to understand how energy is consumed across the site, and to improve employee wellness and comfort by monitoring office conditions and using the data to make improvements.

Even more recently, 4D Monitoring has installed door sensors to monitor when people are entering and exciting the building. This will enable Shaftesbury Group to identify when air conditioning should be in operation, so system run times can be optimised and the property made more efficient.

You can find out more about 4D Monitoring’s tenant wellbeing application here.