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Tenant demise monitoring

Profiling the tenant demise to deliver energy savings

The Pearce Building is a multi-let commercial property in Maidenhead. As one of the sites included in the award-winning LSH project for Nuveen (formerly TH Real Estate), 4D Monitoring was originally brought in to monitor the central plant.

However, 4D Monitoring quickly identified the existence of secondary systems that were providing air conditioning to the tenant demise. These additional systems were not centrally controlled, which meant analysing the central plant wouldn’t provide visibility of performance.

Profiling the tenant demise
To capture performance data from secondary air conditioning units, 4D Monitoring’s environment profiling solution was utilised. Smart mini sensors were deployed across the tenant demise to provide live temperature and air quality readings.

With sensors in place, 4D Monitoring diagnosed run time errors, which meant systems were operating out of line with office occupancy hours.

4D Monitoring also identified secondary air conditioning systems operating 24/7 on unoccupied floors, leading to significant energy wastage.

Equipped with the data provided by 4D Monitoring, the site management team at Pearce Building was able to collaborate with tenants to optimise run times. Air conditioning supply to unoccupied spaces was also switched off.

This has had a significant impact on energy spend. Within the first three months, LSH had documented a 9.5% kWh saving, which equates to £4,500.00 or 15 tonne CO2e emission reduction over the first three months.

By September 2019, 9 months after initial operational changes were made, LSH had observed a reduction of 18,725.78 tonnes of CO2e and a saving of £10,395 as compared to the previous year.

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