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MIPIM 2020

4D Monitoring joins Elogbooks in the London arena at MIPIM 2020.

London at MIPIM celebrates people and organisations that drive innovation, collaboration, and creative energy across the capital. We are delighted to showcase our award-winning smart building technology alongside Elogbooks in London at MIPIM’s Urban Innovation Area.

4D Monitoring’s platform is used by a number of London-based real estate investors and agents to deliver portfolio-wide energy savings. We are collaborating with clients to shape the way maintenance can be delivered, creating a shift from planned preventative and reactive maintenance to a data-led, proactive approach. 4D Monitoring also integrates with micro sensor technology from partners such as Disruptive Technologies to provide actionable insights into the tenant environment.

Demonstrate sustainability and asset value
For owners and investors, 4D Monitoring is a scalable IOT solution that will improve real estate environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials, and provides the data required to attain a competitive Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) score.

Data-led decisions
4D live feed on laptopFor agents, 4D Monitoring has been developed to empower stakeholders to make smart decisions about the properties they manage quickly and easily, however non-technical they are. 4D Monitoring does this by taking building performance data and providing detailed recommendations that can be acted on by managers to improve maintenance strategies, deliver operational efficiencies, reduce energy spend, and create a better environment for tenants.

The perfect tool for the public sector
4D Monitoring is also the ideal tool for those tasked with managing public sector estates. It has been designed as an inexpensive, retrofit solution that can be scaled across a number of buildings quickly and easily. At a time when hospitals, universities and local authorities are under pressure to find efficiencies and reduce costs, 4D Monitoring offers a solution that can deliver significant utility savings and improve the building environment in an inexpensive way that provides an immediate return on investment.

You can read more about the 4D Monitoring product here, or visit the projects page to see some examples of our achievements to date.