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Smart mini sensors

4D Monitoring and Disruptive Technologies.

Connecting devices is only the first step of IoT. The real value comes from unlocking the data needed to make smart decisions.

4D Monitoring’s IoT platform now integrates with Disruptive Technologies’ smart mini sensors to extract temperature, touch and proximity data from within the commercial environment. This data is leveraged by 4D Monitoring to optimise secondary HVAC systems, inform resource allocation and drive tenant wellbeing initiatives in collaboration with property management teams. We call this our tenant profiling offering.

About Disruptive Technologies’ smart mini sensors

Disruptive Technologies’ smart, mini sensors measure environmental parameters such as temperature, touch and proximity, and transmit the data wirelessly to the 4D Monitoring portal.

Small and lightweight, the sensors can be placed unobtrusively and easily into any location.

Easy to install, deploy and manage

  • Sensors use existing infrastructure, making deployment incredibly fast
  • More than 100 sensors can be installed in just one hour
  • An instant data flow means 4D Monitoring can leverage results immediately after installation

Low power consumption; long battery life

  • The integrated circuit extends battery life over 15 years at 100x transactions per day
  • A robust build means that maintenance is unnecessary

End-to-end security

  • Secure architecture includes end-to-end encryption and industry-leading privacy solutions
  • Security controls protect sensitive data and meet regulatory compliance requirements such as EUGDPR, PCI and more

Supports industrial or consumer applications

  • Sensors monitor, collect and aggregate temperature, proximity and movement data at extraordinary range
  • Robust sensors are built to withstand harsh conditions
  • With no bulky or unsightly wires, sensors blend into any environment

4D Monitoring integration

  • Open API and Cloud Connectors integrate with 4D Monitoring’s IoT platform, giving 4D Monitoring access to live temperature, touch and proximity data
  • This data is interrogated by 4D Monitoring to identify opportunities to optimise secondary heating and cooling systems, drive tenant wellbeing initiatives and inform resource allocation strategies
Energy saving, space utilisation, tenant wellbeing and service monitoring with dark image of person in the background

For more information, or for a demonstration, call us on 01480 484999