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Westminster City Council

4D Monitoring works with Westminster City Council to protect critical internal environments, improve building efficiency and save energy.

Westminster City Council (Westminster CC) employs over 4,000 staff who work in several locations throughout the City. Westminster CC has teamed up with 4D Monitoring to begin the process of transforming these buildings into smart, sustainable properties that require lower operational costs.

Proactive maintenance and operational efficiencies
4D Monitoring’s central plant monitoring platform has initially been installed in two key sites with older assets, to ensure HVAC systems are optimised properly and running efficiently. The platform will also be used by on-site maintenance engineers to support a proactive approach to service delivery.

Protecting critical environments: the archive centre and mortuary
The City of Westminster’s archive centre houses an extensive collection of historic sources, including documents that are centuries old.

To ensure the material is kept in pristine condition, it is essential that the environment is suitable for storing sensitive documents. For this reason, 4D Monitoring’s environment profiling application is being utilised to monitor room temperatures, humidity levels and C02, ensuring the air quality is stable, and alerting stakeholders immediately if there is a problem.
4D Monitoring’s environment profiling solution is also being used at the City of Westminster’s mortuary, to ensure air temperatures in key areas are kept cold and trip outs are prevented.

The future
Westminster is engaging with 4D Monitoring to identify further installation sites across its portfolio.