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4D Monitoring partners with AWAIR

4D Monitoring now integrates seamlessly with AWAIR’s Omni sensor to provide an immediate, accurate, live picture of air quality within your buildings.

Designed specifically for the commercial environment, Awair Omni identifies the five key factors that determine air quality: chemicals, fine dust, humidity, temperature and CO2. With this data, 4D Monitoring can alert site teams and Facilities Managers to air quality anomalies, such as high CO2 levels, which have a negative impact on tenant wellness and productivity.

As well as providing exception reports, 4D Monitoring maps Awair Omni VOC, CO2 and temperature readings against building locations. This gives both a holistic view of the tenant environment, and enables drill-down to a more granular level of detail.

Awair Omni is also now certified by RESET™, the world’s first sensor-based performance-driven building standard and certification program.

Use 4D Monitoring + Awair Omni to support tenant wellbeing initiatives, and inform Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Policy, which is required as part of the Fitwel Indoor Environments scoring.