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4D Monitoring & LSH win PFM award

4D Monitoring & LSH win sustainability award.

Barry Jones & Colin Wills with the PFM award4D Monitoring and commercial property consultant Lambert Smith Hampton (LSH) have won the PFM 2018 award for Partners in Energy Management.

4D Monitoring collaborated with LSH to deliver significant energy savings across 27 multi-let commercial sites in London.

Within 9 months, the partnership has lead to a 10-30% reduction in energy spend across each site, saving between £2,500 – £18,000 per building. This represents a Return on Investment of between 2 and 9 months.

In 3 sites alone, the 4D Monitoring installation has lead to more than 144 tonnes of annual CO2e savings.

Crucially, the solution continues to drive improvements and energy reduction across the portfolio.

Matt Livesey, Director of Property Management, LSH: “4D Monitoring has the potential to revolutionise the way property management is delivered, with enhanced supplier engagement, cost savings, improved wellbeing for building occupiers, to say nothing of the environmental impact of reducing commercial buildings’ energy usage on a large scale. We are delighted that PFM has endorsed the significance of what 4D Monitoring and LSH are achieving together.”

View the full case study, here.