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Profiling the tenant environment

In addition to our core offering, which tracks and reports on the performance of central HVAC systems, 4D Monitoring can be used to measure key environmental metrics from within the tenant demise.

The solution interfaces with smart sensors, such as those from Disruptive Technologies and AWAIR, to extract room temperature, touch, proximity, lighting level, and air quality data. This provides site management teams with a clear picture of working conditions within occupied spaces.

Improve tenant wellbeing

Temperature, air quality and light levels have a significant impact on tenant wellbeing. For instance, studies show a negative correlation between Co2 levels and the cognitive capabilities of employees. In other words, low Co2 levels can significantly impact productivity.

4D Monitoring leverages sensor data to provide a live picture of the tenant environment. This gives Facilities Managers and site teams instant visibility of working conditions. Whether there is a degradation in Co2, a light has gone out, or temperatures have risen above an agreed level, management teams can use 4D Monitoring to take a data-led, proactive approach to improving the tenant environment.

Reduce room temperature disputes

Room temperature is a common point of contention for those working within a commercial office environment. Yet without accessible structured data, site management teams will be forced to take a reactionary role – responding to tenant disputes and complaints as they arise.

4D Monitoring’s profiling solution provides live room temperature readings, equipping site teams with the data they need to prove actual conditions. This has the two-fold benefit of reducing tenant complaints and unnecessary investigative engineer call outs.

Improve the efficiency of secondary systems

Secondary air conditioning systems are a common feature of commercial offices. These systems are not controlled by the Building Management System, which means monitoring the central plant wouldn’t highlight operational issues.

By tracking ambient room temperatures within the tenant demise, 4D Monitoring’s profiling solution can establish whether these systems are operating out-of-line with an individual tenant’s occupancy hours. Equipped with these insights, site management teams can collaborate with tenants to ensure air conditioning is shut down correctly.

Smart cleaning

4D Monitoring’s profiling solution facilitates a smart cleaning approach. For example, sensors can be used to track bathroom traffic across multi-let commercial offices, hospitals or other large sites. Cleaning resource can then be allocated to toilets with a heavier footfall.

Non-intrusive, quick installation

It is imperative that technology placed within the tenant demise is easy to deploy, aesthetically non-intrusive and long-lasting. 4D Monitoring’s profiling solution interfaces with wireless mini sensors to ensure rapid deployment and the provision of long-term visibility with little maintenance requirements.