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Swan Lane

How 4D Monitoring reduced Swan Lane’s energy consumption by 14% per month.

A central London site home to numerous businesses, Swan Lane comprises 60,000 square feet of office space over 6 floors. Utilities and maintenance costs are, therefore, significant.

So when it comes to the building’s operation, efficiency gains are highly sought after.

Enter 4D Monitoring.

What are we monitoring?

Initially focused on main plant monitoring, we placed sensors on key plantroom equipment.

These sensors were connected to one 4D Monitoring Gateway, which collects and feeds live sensor data – securely – to the 4D Monitoring portal, via the Cloud.

What we discovered

We identified that the chillers, cooling towers, boilers and pumps were running 24/7, despite the BMS indicating the plant was signalled to shut down in the evenings and at weekends.

The source of the problem: an AHU on the third floor was calling the main plant to run, overriding the BMS set points.

The results

Simply by resolving the AHU issue, Swan Lane’s gas and electricity bill has been reduced by 14% per month. This is an approximate saving of £10,300 per month.

Graham Embley, Operations Manager at Managed Office Solutions:
“Had we looked solely at the BMS, we would never have known the plant was running 24/7. 4D Monitoring not only enabled us to only diagnose the issue, but to pinpoint the cause. And the results speak for themselves.”

4D Monitoring at Swan Lane: the future

Graham Embley: “It has become increasingly apparent that we’ll want to use 4D Monitoring as a facilities tool, as well as for M&E”.

For example, 4D Monitoring is now being used to track bathroom traffic, so cleaning resource can be diverted to toilets with heavier footfall.

Sensors have also been installed to measure lighting use, room temperature within the tenant’s working environment, and to ensure out of hours security patrols are being undertaken properly.

Graham Embley: “We now intend to work with 4D Monitoring to look at other ways we can use the product. The opportunities are endless.”

For more information, or for a demonstration, call us on 01480 484999