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Bermondsey Square

4D Monitoring deliver energy savings at a multi-let commercial property in London

Responsible for over 7,700 properties, Lambert Smith Hampton (LSH) are one of the UK’s largest managing agents.

LSH’s mission is “to create the UK and Ireland’s most progressive commercial property consultancy. One that relentlessly challenges the status quo, finding new ways to think and do things that shrug off convention and bureaucracy” – the LSH Corporate Brochure.

So when 4D Monitoring approached LSH about trialling the technology in a selection of LSH-managed properties, it didn’t take long to reach an agreement.

Within just 3 months, 4D Monitoring had been installed in 30 buildings across 23 sites – monitoring the building environment and key plantroom equipment.

Matt Livesey, Property Management Director, LSH: “The speed at which we went from project go-ahead to receiving actionable insights was phenomenal.”

What have we discovered?

In Bermondsey Square alone, 4D Monitoring established the AHUs, Heating Circuits and Calorifier were all running 24/7, rather than closing down outside of office hours.

This meant unintended energy wastage on a significant scale.

The results

At Bermondsey Square, incremental adjustments to boiler and AHU run times and set points reduced the operation by 35% and 32% respectively.

A 37,665 kWh reduction was observed between November 2017 and January 2018, which represents £4,613.00 saving for the period.

Between February and April 2018, a 35,466 kWh saving was observed; and a 22.68 kWh reduction between May and July. If extrapolated, this equates to an £18,455 saving over a year

Matt Livesey: “4D Monitoring hasn’t just given us an understanding of performance, it’s broader than that: we now have an insight into what is happening within our buildings, and what demands are being placed upon them.”

“Obviously saving energy is a massive benefit, but there are numerous additional advantages too.”

“For example, the technology allows us to engage more productively with maintenance contractors, and empowers Facilities Managers to make quick decisions by improving their understanding of the plantroom operation.”

“Significantly, 4D Monitoring data enables us to provide our clients with an unprecedented degree of proof that the properties they own are functioning as efficiently as possible.”

Update: September 2019

4D Monitoring, in collaboration with the site management team at Bermondsey Square, has continued to drive savings at the site. For example, in June 2019, a 12.62% kWh saving was recorded compared to the previous year.

Into the future

LSH continue to roll out 4D Monitoring across its managed portfolio.

Matt Livesey: “This is by far the most cost-effective solution on the market. Return on investment has been significant, so it was a no-brainer to bring 4D Monitoring technology to the rest of our portfolio.”

4D Monitoring is also working with LSH to establish how else the technology can be utilised.

Matt Livesey: “By taking LSH properties online, we have an opportunity to monitor how the building space is used by our tenants, and to pinpoint where we can make further adjustments to improve their home and work environments.”

For more information, or for a demonstration, contact us today.